Family Vacay: A Post in Pictures

If you want some (brief) details, here’s a roundup of our favorite things:

  • This was my favorite eatery. Because of these.
  • Chris LOVED this place, where we ate his birthday dinner. We had to drag him away.
  • Both Topshop and Zara were having pretty major sales, so that was fun. We even got an adorable party dress for Baby Girl’s b-day.
  • The aquarium and zoo were understandably crowded, but worth the trip.
  • I enjoyed the more chill moments where we drank wine and hung out watching Golden Girls or Criminal Minds.
  • Chris and Adelaide loved riding the El.
  • Oh, and IKEA. We all loved Ikea. Even the food was stylish and affordable.

Long story short, the trainride was looooooong; the company, food and shopping were awesome; and we are excited to go back (by plane)!

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