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One Month Away!

Adelaide is 11 months old today, and I can’t believe we will be celebrating her birthday in 4 short weeks. She has changed so much recently.

  • She’s standing on her own now. Still no steps without holding on, but we’re getting there!
  • She gets in silly moods every now and then where she throws herself down at Chris or me. It is so cute!
  • She loves to give us hugs when we sit down on the floor with her.
  • She’s starting to pay more attention to books and can sit through an entire story now.

I just love my little lady and am so happy to see her grow and learn new things. One thing I am working on for us as a family is better eating/cooking habits. Adelaide is eating 100% “table food” now, so Chris and I really need to make some changes in our diet, so she can get the good stuff. I just signed us up for a 3-month trial of thefresh20. We’re living it up this weekend before buckling down and committing to healthy meal-planning. I’m praying this is a good solution for us and that we can stick to it to save money and get healthy!

I got all excited yesterday and decided to get ingredients for some green smoothies. I figured I could finally get some use out of the Baby Bullet I was convinced was essential and bought a year ago. I blame my hormones. Anyway, the smoothie ended up being a bust the first go-around. The peanut butter, banana and blueberry definitely masked the spinach taste, but the texture was not velvety smooth like this blogger’s. Next time, I will dig out our fancy schmancy blender and use the liquify setting. Lesson learned. Although, I was able to score some frozen blueberries at a closeout price for 1/3 of the normal cost, which made for one very happy 11 month old.


All that was missing was some cheese, and she would have had all her favorite foods at once!

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