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Family Vacay: A Post in Pictures

If you want some (brief) details, here’s a roundup of our favorite things:

  • This was my favorite eatery. Because of these.
  • Chris LOVED this place, where we ate his birthday dinner. We had to drag him away.
  • Both Topshop and Zara were having pretty major sales, so that was fun. We even got an adorable party dress for Baby Girl’s b-day.
  • The aquarium and zoo were understandably crowded, but worth the trip.
  • I enjoyed the more chill moments where we drank wine and hung out watching Golden Girls or Criminal Minds.
  • Chris and Adelaide loved riding the El.
  • Oh, and IKEA. We all loved Ikea. Even the food was stylish and affordable.

Long story short, the trainride was looooooong; the company, food and shopping were awesome; and we are excited to go back (by plane)!

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Happy Father’s Day to my Mister!


I think yesterday was a very successful first Father’s Day for Chris. We accidentally slept through Mass. Whoops! But, on the plus side, Adelaide slept in until 8:30, which was awesome! We gave him our gifts: 2 new T shirts, stainless steel grill tools and a soft-cover photo book from Shutterfly. The book turned out great, and Chris said it may be the best gift he’s ever gotten! I’m very proud of Adelaide of being so thoughtful! : ) Overall, it was a pretty laid-back day with lots of family time included.

Now, I’ve got to buckle down and start preparing for our first (!) family vacation to Chicago. We are taking the train to visit our best friends for a few days around Chris’ birthday (June 28). I’ve got to start planning what/how we’re going to pack. I’m excited for all the fun things we’re going to do, but I am a little nervous how Adelaide will fare with so many changes to our routine. If you have any suggestions on how to survive the ten-hour train-ride or how to maintain healthy sleep patterns, let me know!

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