14 Months and some change

I mentioned in my last post that I was on the job-hunt. Well, three months and a million applications later, and I have accepted a position as a member service representative (teller) at a local credit union. I am excited but also very nervous. These past seven months getting to stay home with my little mini-me have been so precious to me. Sure, there are days where I feel overwhelmed/tired/lonely, but overall it warms my heart to get to watch Adelaide (and her personality) grow.

I’m nervous about working full-time. I haven’t worked that much since the summer before I got married, and even that was only for six weeks. I’m nervous about keeping up on housework when it’s difficult to do even when I’m home 24/7. I’m nervous about daytime weaning. I have no desire to lug around my pump just for one session. Although, I’m also nervous about clogged ducts and mastitis, so we shall see what ends up happening. Also, a sort of afterthought concern is hoping that I’ll have enough work clothes to wear. I was pregnant for most of  my last professional gig. Hopefully, no one will notice the full-panel hiding under my blouses.

I am excited to use my brain more extensively on a regular basis. I’m really looking forward to talking to other adults during the day and maybe even (gasp!) making some new friends. I’m excited for Chris to have more one-on-one time with our girl. I am also beyond thrilled to start digging out of debt and actually have some extra money just for fun stuff. We’ve only been on two dates since Adelaide was born, and one of those  was during my maternity leave. Extra money also means we’ll be closer to planning a little brother or sister for Adelaide. And as sad as it makes me sad to think about, going back to work will probably be the push we need to have Adelaide fully weaned before she’s in kindergarten. Not saying that I want to practice such extended nursing, but the girl loves to nurse for the time being, and it will be much easier to deny her if we’re apart.

Sorry this turned out to be a sort of heavy post. Here are my favorite outtakes from a recent shoot Chris did with Adelaide to make you smile.





Putting her necklace on the tree

Putting her necklace on the tree

I don't even know. It makes me laugh.

I don’t even know. It makes me laugh.

Over it.

Over it.

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