38 Weeks 4 Days

Today marks the day that Adelaide has been an outside baby for as long as she was nestled safely in my tummy. I know, I know, the first 2 weeks of pregnancy don’t really “count,” but for all intents and purposes, this is a big deal in my mind. I have an almost 9-month-old baby. This time last year I was big, sweaty and uncomfortable. This year, I’m sweaty, uncomfortable, sleep deprived and just a little bit bigger than I was before pregnancy. Ah, memories.

We are still busy with preparations for our family vacay, but  Adelaide and I took a break from it all to go to the Discover Center with my sister and nieces and nephews for nephew Tony’s birthday. (Shout out to Tony and Frankie, brothers and birthday buddies!) You know, there really should be a combo word for nieces/nephews. In Spanish, it’s “sobrinos.” Anyway, here’s a picture of my baby girl enjoying the “infant sensory garden.”


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One thought on “38 Weeks 4 Days

  1. rosa says:

    Cute post! Yes! I have often wanted an English word that encompassed nieces/nephews. It is always awkward saying my niece and nephews. Let’s make one up! Niecphews? Nephcies? Sibling-offsprings?

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